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  1. Time Frame prior to an eventual registration
    Once a candidate submits his/her report, as per the prescribed format, the same is sent to external assessors for review. This takes about 15-20 days. If the report is found to be to the required level, an interview panel is set up and the candidate is called, after office hours, for a technical interview. This takes a further 15-20 days.

    Following the interview, the panel reports its findings and opinions about the standard reached by the candidate. This second process usually takes another 15 days.

    Therefore, from the submission date, it may take a maximum of three months before the candidate being officially informed of the outcome of his/her interview, following approval of the same at the Council meeting.

  2. I forgot to renew my registration last year. Can I pay the renewal this year?
    Sorry, payment are accepted only for the current year. Payment, without fine, is accepted from 1st January till 30th June of each year. Subsequently, payment for renewal, along with a 50% fine, is accepted within that calendar year itself. The Roll of Engineers for a particular year is closed on the 31st December of each year and no renewal for that year is accepted past that date.

  3. I forgot to renew my registration last year and my name has been consequently removed from the roll. How to I get myself back on the roll?
    By payment of your dues for the current year along with the fine for the reinstatement of your name on the roll.

  4. I never applied for eligibility and now I want to get myself registered. What do I do?
    Practicing engineering in Mauritius without registration is an offence under the RPEC Act. Eligibility is an important step towards registration, and it also helps the CRPE keep track of the engineering graduates in the country. You may apply for a combined "Eligibility + Registration", though such applications are not advised and will be subject to the Council decision on the matter. Applicants are reminded that working experience is NOT a substitute to academic qualification meeting the CRPE minimum requirements.

  5. I lost my Registration card. How do I get a new one?
    A new Registration Card may be issued upon payment of Rs 1000. A Testimonial from the Registrar’s office may be used in lieu of the Registration Card until the issue of a new card.

  6. Can I pay my renewal fees for more than one year?
    The Council prefers to keep the renewal of its members on a yearly basis.

  7. I have applied for Eligibility / Registration. May I know the names of those assessing me?
    The CRPE is an independent professional body, and all our panel members are committed to the healthy growth of the profession by encouraging and selecting only worthy candidates. Council members and representatives prefer to serve on CRPE panels in an anonymous and pressure-free manner.

  8. I am dissatisfied with the way that my case is being dealt by the CRPE. To whom can I complain?
    Specific sections of the CRPE Act address the issue of complaints and dissatisfaction of CRPE action and decisions.

  9. I want to register, but I don’t have a Supervisor or there is no Registered Engineer in my firm. What do I do?
    Council accepts Distant Supervisors, under specific conditions and provided it is informed of the name(s) of the Supervisor(s) from the beginning of the training period. The process usually require:
  1. A letter from you requesting CRPE to approve that you use a distant supervisor, and explaining why you need one
  2. A letter from the proposed Supervisor, stating that s/he is agreeable to supervise you
  3. A letter from the Management of your company indicating they have no objection to the arrangement of a Distant Supervisor
  4. A letter from the Management of the proposed Supervisor's company, indicating they have no objection to the arrangement for their employee to supervise you during working hours.
Applicants are referred to section 16 of the CRPE Standard for Professional Engineering Competence for further information.
10     I have been working for a firm and am now shifting to another one. Will I need to start my training anew?
Council accepts supervised training experience in different working environments, provided that the minimum training period in any one place is not less than 3 months. Breaks in the training may be accepted, although numerous short breaks in the training period will not count towards satisfactory training. A cumulative 24 months training period is considered acceptable for consideration towards an eventual registration. Overseas work or training is however not considered as acceptable training towards registration.
11.   I am a Registered Professional Engineer but have not received the latest Registration card. Why is that so?
The new Registration Card is tagged to your National Identity Card number or your Passport number (in case of expatriates) and to your photograph. If you have not informed the Registrar of your NIC/Passport number, chances are that your name does not appear in the list of those eligible for the new card. Please send a copy of your National Identity Card and a formal high resolution photo (with a plain background) to the Registrar at the earliest for your new card to be issued along with your next renewal.
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