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The process for the registration of Engineers is in two Stages:

  1. Approval of qualifications (Eligibility Stage)
    Council initially ascertains that Candidates’ qualifications in engineering are of a standard which satisfies the requisites of Section 13 of the Act. The process may require candidates to demonstrate, through a technical interview, a sound and adequate  knowledge of mathematics, engineering science and fundamental engineering principles applicable to their field of engineering. Sufficiency of the tested knowledge will allow applicants to engage in the supervised practice of engineering, that is, at the "trainee" level.
  2. Assessment of Experience in the practice of engineering (Registration Stage)
    Applicants are required to satisfy the Council, during a Professional Review (Technical report and Interview) that they have had at least 24 months of satisfactory training, under the supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer, from their own field or allied to it. Applicants are strongly recommended to follow the Council’s Guidelines in drafting their report. This report should highlight their interaction with their engineering training environment during the time period covered in their report.

Expatriates intending to engage in the practice of engineering in Mauritius will be required to obtain registration prior to the issue of a Work Permit.

Expatriates not requiring a Work permit will be deemed as being equivalent to a Mauritian citizen and will be required to submit a report and apply for registration in the normal procedure.


In the case of applicants with ten or more years of working experience in the practice of engineering abroad, the Council may accepts a report covering engineering work executed or in which they had a major participation, during the last two years and a detailed technical CV as an alternative to the standard training report.

 Registration is valid for a calendar year and is to be renewed each year from 01 January to 30 June.


Professional Assessment- Chartered Engineers, or equivalent, obtained from a recognised Engineering Institution abroad

All Engineers who have obtained professional status from any recognised Engineering Institution abroad, for example  Chartered Engineers from Engineering Council, UK (irrespective of the engineering field) and seeking registration with the Council of Registered Professional Engineers, Mauritius(CRPE) may be subject to a professional  oral interview conducted by not less than two panel interviewers appointed by  the Council (CRPE).

This decision is effective as from 02 May 2017.



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The Registration Flowchart
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